Made with Love Christmas

Comfy Cocktails + Strong Sweaters

Photographed by: Rachel + Katie | Interview of: Ava, of Slumlove Sweater Co

Tell us a little about Slumlove! What is it's reason for being?

Slumlove’s mission is provide stylish, high quality clothing that is making the world a better place. All of our products are made with love in Kenya, where we pay our knitters fair wages, treat them with respect, and give them the resources needed to provide a better life for themselves and their families. Slumlove started by partnering with just one knitter in one of Kenya’s largest slums, and has now grown into a full clothing line for men and women, employing over 20 women. 


Iced White Russian Latte

1/3 Cup of Coffee (strong)

1 Shot of Coffee Liquor

1/2 Shot of Vodka

1/3 Cup of Half + Half or Milk

Top with Whipped Cream + Cinnamon 

What is your go-to sweater from the collection?

My favorite pieces are the vee sweater dress or sleeveless sweater. I love that both of these pieces look super “put-together” and professional, but they both are insanely comfortable. 


What is your favorite holiday cocktail?

I was in Kansas City last week, and had an amazing Christmas cocktail named the Noel at a cool cocktail bar, Julep. The Noel is made with whiskey and homemade sugar plum syrup, and it was incredible! I want one right now…