Brief Assembly | DC Shop

Photographed by: Rachel Maucieri | Interview of: Carolyn Misterek + Mallory Shelter

Why was it important for you to come together to create this pop up shop?

It was exciting to realize we both saw the gap and opportunity for this kind of shop in D.C. This is an untraditional pop-up, meaning our vendors are more like collaborators with us in this experiment, rather than us just running a shop. It's exciting to be able to open this space up and share the exposure with other brands and makers, but it also makes things more complicated and creates more work than a traditional shop, so I don't think it could function as a one-person operation. 


What was your process in choosing what products you have available in the shop?

We have an application process, so most of the brands who want to participate in the pop-up come to us that way. In our jurying, we prioritize ethical production, brands that might be new to D.C. and design-oriented philosophies that complement our current products. We wanted this to feel like a really special, cohesive experience that gives our customers more of what they want.


Why is collaboration important for you two?/ why do you think it’s important for the creative community?

When values align, I think collaborations are always win/win/win: stronger ideas are able to come through, with better execution, everyone has more fun and gets to expand to new audiences. If we all stayed inside our own bubbles, creative community or not, I think everything would feel dull and stagnant pretty quickly. There's only so far we can really push ourselves without the influence and help of others.

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