Forage | Louisville Artist

Photographed by: Rachel Maucieri | Interview of: Jamie Fairman, owner of Forage

How did you get started?

The inspiration for Forage stemmed out of my other business I co-own, State & Arrow Design Co. While designing florals, I found myself incorporating a lot of various plants and greenery into my designs. So when the idea came to be, it seemed like a natural fit for me and an easy fit into the Louisville community. With Forage I am able to marry the two businesses together from time-to-time through various workshops. I have and will teach classes that explore working with floral arranging and botanical design. Among these workshops, I plan to have a series of other artists also teaching their own unique crafts from stitch art to macrame weaving. I want to provide  unique products and a plethora of experiences. Be on the look-out for some brunch & dinner series on the horizon! 

What influences you? / Where do you get your inspiration? 

I have so many people and businesses that I admire in both the floral design and interior plant world. Some local and others global. But most of my influences seem to stem from the roots of my surroundings. I grew up in the West in rural Nevada so I love to pull the natural elements of the dessert and terrain into my shops offerings. You will continually see an abundance of dessert plants and tribal and southwestern inspired items; From Falsa Blankets to Yucca Canes. It's bringing a little home to my new home in Louisville. 

How do you balance your personal time + work? / How do you create separation?

Quite honestly, this is a work in progress. Especially trying to balance the two businesses. I think the true test will be with this fall's wedding season. I have found that my personal time, though, is sacred. Because I choose to have only one day off a week, I generally disconnect from the world of technology. I try to live in the moment of what I'm doing. So if I'm at home, I try to be present there wholly. It's when I over-commit myself that I feel the stresses of the world - I try to say no a little more often and really focus on the work that is inspiring to me and give it my whole-heart.

What keeps you motivated? / Why do you love doing this?

Because I am fresh out of the corporate world, having something that is 100% mine has been the best motivation. I am passionate about everything I'm doing now and wonder to myself why I didn't take the leap sooner. I have so much planned for Forage and it's so exciting to see the evolution taking place just in the short period of time that the shop has been open. 

Where do you see yourself is 2-5 years? / What's next for your brand?

Oh man! I should think about this. I generally feed off of goal making but I haven't written down anything concrete. I'd love to expand Forage into close, regional cities that are thirsty for something like this. Or maybe, Nevada.  For the immediate future, the goal is to get a virtual store open on my website to expand my reach. I think that the structure and essence of Forage will remain intact but i think it will evolve and become more refined as I continue to get my bearings. I'm excited to follow its journey!