Sweet Root Village | DC Artists

Photographed by: Rachel Maucieri | Interview of: Sweet Root Village

How did you get started?

It was all one big happy accident. We were in the middle of becoming fast friends and spent one late night conversing about what the future held and about our dreams of always doing the things we loved turned into brainstorming a business name and launching a blog within a couple of hours. 

I don't think we knew entirely what that meant when we decided to officially open our business just a few months later. What felt like lofty dreams slowly turned into a full time career, a studio space, a love affair with small business, and several very full lives doing the things we love.

What influences you/Where do you get your inspiration?

Finding inspiration is difficult sometimes. We are often swept into seasons of fast-paced work and endless to-do lists, but it's so important for us to pay attention to the small whispers of inspiration around us to avoid getting burnt out.

We find ourselves newly invigorated after meeting with a potential new client who loves flowers as much as we do. Fresh waves of motivation find us when those small wins and successes find us. The support and excitement from our closest friends and family drives us to hit that next goal and to do better for them and for ourselves!

Then of course there are all the little things each day. Things like falling in love with a variety of bloom that we hadn't previously known of, or spending a moment laughing hysterically over a weird joke while working in the warehouse. There are potential inspirations around us every second, we just have to choose to see them. 


How do you balance your personal time + work/ How do you create separation?

When you own your own business, it's a constant struggle to separate personal time and work. We don't want to even pretend that we succeed in this whatsoever. We do our best to be all in when we are at work and then all in when we have time with our families, but we are definitely working into the night when we get home. Personal things and home life can often times find itself on the back burner and then sometimes our inbox is packed with a hundred bajillion emails if we take a weekend off and that can add a lot of mental stress, so we end up giving in and working when we told ourselves we wouldn't! If anyone out there has discovered a magical solution to this ever present and fluctuating problem, share your secrets!


What keeps you motivated/ Why do you love doing this?

A lot of people don't realize how much grunt work is involved with our job. The hauling of boxes, cleaning glassware, scrubbing dirty buckets (not to mention all of the paperwork and bills to pay!) can get a little tiresome. But every time we hand a bride her bouquet or complete a wedding installation and see the whole room come together, we're reminded of why we love our job. We get to create beautiful things for people on the happiest day of their lives, and that's pretty special.


Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years/ What's next for your brand?

We recently made a ton of changes to our business, like no longer offering wedding photography or day-of coordination for events and moving into a huge new space perfect for large event floral production. We've never really looked too far ahead when it comes to our dreams or how we'll structure the business (we pay more attention to our finances and spreadsheet projections haha), we usually just live in the moment and then stumble upon those changes as they come.

It's hard to predict what we will want to see even a year from now as our lives and the lives of those close to us are constantly changing. We always know that we want to grow, whatever that growth looks like, whether it's doing more or adding something different, or making lots of small changes over time. The future is an exciting prospect and full of possibility and we can't wait to see what's in store!

Makeup + Hair by Ana B