The Lemon Bowl | DC Artists

Photography by: Rachel Maucieri | Interview of: Holley Simmons of The Lemon Bowl

We have been looking forward to getting to know the girls that make up The Lemon Bowl in DC and get to see what all they are up to. Holley, Kathryn, and Linny are friends that share the space and although they are all artists with different mediums, they work well together and it all just makes sense and fits beautifully.

We're excited to announce that we will be doing future Made with Love features on each of these girls individually in the future! We thought it would be best to introduce them as a collective team and feature "The Lemon Bowl" as a whole first. Then we will move into getting to know each of them a little better as we photograph and interview each one in the weeks to come. So, these girls and their gorgeous space will get to be familiar around this journal and we are totally okay with that!

Holley answered a few interview questions for us speaking on behalf of The Lemon Bowl.

How did The Lemon Bowl come to life?

My friend purchased the building with the intention of eventually turning it into a cafe or sandwich shop. He reached out to me to ask if I may know of anyone interested in a temporary space in the meantime, and I told him I'd like to throw my hat into the ring! 

I reached out to a number of other creative women to ask if they'd like to be a part of it, and Kathryn and Linny were just crazy enough to say yes :)


How did you meet?

I'm from New Jersey, but have lived in DC for over four years now. I met Linny through mutual friends after having a MAJOR girl crush on her, and I met Kathryn when I commissioned her to draw some succulents illustrations for a project.

You each have your own individual practices. Do you see any cross-over happening with the three of you now that you've been in the space for 6 months?

Linny and Kathryn have co-taught a number of embroidery classes, and Linny and I have dreams of making a pom-pom planter one day.