Holson House | DC Artists

Photographed by: Rachel Maucieri | Interview of: Mark and Laicie Heeley of Holson House

How did you get started?

Holson House evolved out of our other creative pursuits. Our first project was the blog A Thousand Threads. I started the blog when Mark proposed as a way to document our trip down the aisle. Mark became my photographer, and it wasn't long before my little wedding blog became our little food and lifestyle blog... we couldn't help letting our true passions take the reigns. Along the way, we created a supper club called Field + Foundry and a small pie-making business called Dough Uprising, all as a team. Eventually, we realized it was time we rebranded and brought Mark more explicitly into the mix. We also realized that our photography and styling had grown to a place where we felt comfortable marketing ourselves in new and exciting ways. And so Holson House was born!

What influences you? / Where do you get your inspiration?

We both just love to eat so much, ha... so I have to say, we're constantly inspired by the food we eat and the food we want to eat. Lately we've been hanging at home with our new son, Arlo, and watching hours and hours of The Mind of a Chef... after a few episodes, Mark jumps up and starts cooking. He can't help himself.

How do you balance your personal time + work? / How do you create separation?

Oh man, ask us in a few months! We're still figuring out our new normal with a newborn at home,

but in the past, our home and work lives have often overlapped. Because we're able to work together on Holson House and many of our other projects, they rarely feel like work. 

Holson House-31.jpg

What keeps you motivated?/ Why do you love doing this?

There is nothing more satisfying than creating something tangible -- the opportunity to create together is more than we ever could have hoped.

Holson House-35.jpg

Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years? / What’s next for your brand? 

Part of our relaunch as Holson House is an effort to bring our photography and styling work to the foreground. We'd love to expand that side of our business as we continue to pour our heart into our blog and events like Field + Foundry.