Go Rings | Austin Artist

Photographed by: Katie Jameson | Interview of: Dru of Go Rings

How did you get started? 

Go Rings has a bit of a serendipitous beginning. Darcie was looking for a tool to help fundraise for an 11-month mission trip she took to 11 countries. While expecting to only sell a few to close friends and family, the rings caught on our campus and funded the whole trip - boom - we have a business! We have since created a business model that allows others going on mission to use our jewelry as a fundraising tool.

What influences you?/ Where do you get your inspiration?

Our partners are a big inspiration to us. We want to be a brand that not only enables people to GO, we encourage everyone to get outside our comfort zone. The people we work with are doing just that and it is a joy to come alongside them in their adventure. 

How do you balance your personal time + work?/ how do you create separation?

Getting a workspace was a huge help in creating a work/life balance. It’s really hard to separate your work when you are working at home. I share a studio with 3 other artists and it was the best business decision I could of made. 

What keeps you motivated?/ Why do you love doing this?

Go Rings has already become something bigger than we ever imagined. It’s constantly surprising me and keeping me on my toes which is so much fun! I get to wear so many hats and am constantly learning new things. Seriously, Go Rings is a dream that I never knew I had come true. 

Where do you see yourself in 2-5 years?/What's next for Go Rings?

It's hard to predict where Go Rings will be in the next few years because we never could have imagined we would be here. We are currently working on streamlining our product so we can do more wholesale. Getting into more boutiques is the next step for our business.